Paris tops world 'luxury' destinations list

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Thursday, 21 December 2017
Paris, the global hub of art, fashion and culture, was the most popular destination for luxury travellers in 2017 according to a new survey.
The survey by LuxuryHotelsGuides used data from more than three million visitors.
Dubai, New York, London and Singapore rounded out the top five destinations for luxury travellers according to the survey.
Sydney, Australia came in at 22 on the list.
Besides Dubai, another city in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, also made the list. The city has recently opened the Louvre and has a range of high-end resorts and attractions under development.
Overall, three destinations in the US made the list, New York, Hawaii and Florida and two destinations in Spain (Majorca and Barcelona). London was the only UK city to be included.
Maldives and the Bahamas also featured in the top 25 list mainly due to their high average visitor hotel spend.
The top 25 luxury travel destinations for 2017 are as follows: