Smart bag manufacturers seeking ways to get their brands in the air

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Wednesday, 20 December 2017
Smart luggage manufacturers are working on strategies to overcome decisions by airlines to ban their bags from passenger aircraft.
Qantas, Virgin Australia, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Delta Airlines already have applied bans on smart luggage, some with a blanket ban, others only for bags with batteries that can't be removed. The restrictions generally apply to both checked and carry-on luggage. 
The airlines’ concern is that if a lithium ion battery ignites in a cargo hold, the plane’s automatic fire suppression system might not activate until it's too late. 
Smart luggage firms have a number of issues with the rulings. 
Some brands don't have removable batteries, other bags are designed in such a way that batteries can't be removed when the bag is packed, while others aren't powered by lithium ion batteries.
The luggage manufacturers now are seeking exemptions for specific brands/models or are changing their designs so that the power units can be removed before check in.